The Merchant is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Road and River.

Description Edit

She has travelled a long way. Her horses are weary, her guards are dusty from the road, and her brightly-covered caravan is piled high. Silver loops gleam in her ears as she beckons you forward to show her wares.

Two spotty-faced apprentices bring forth samples: fiercely-painted ceramics and bright fabric from the eastern ports. "Your Grace must have the first choice of these improbable luxuries. It is your unquestioned right! See, are they not splendid? Wonders like this adorn the finest parlors in Val Royeaux. I must confess: the journey was not easy. I do not know when - or if! - I will return. Who knows when Serault will see such marvels again?"

Available actions Edit


Convince her to include Serault on her regular trading route
Buy up her stock, and convince her to return.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5
Success: +20 Prosperity, -1 Bag of Royals, +5 Clues
Failure: -1 Bag of Royals, +10 Clues


Purchase some finery
"These silks are from Antiva! Touch them to your cheek. See? Soft as autumn moonlight!"
+15 Dignity, -1 Bag of Royals, +5 Clues


Provide a map of Serault
Including the locations and times of the markets. Let her goods find homes among your people.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*2
Success: +10 Freedom
Failure: +5 Freedom, +5 Rumors of Revolution