The Master's Salve is a side quest in the Mark of the Assassin DLC for Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

You receive the quest from a man named Gabriel near at the Chateau Haine Gate, where you first meet Duke Prosper. Gabriel tells Hawke about the salve and provides hints how to deal with wyverns: flank and blind.

Quest does not activate if Hawke answers aggressively.

Walkthrough Edit

Find three ingredients:

  • Andraste's Mantle is located in the Hunting Grounds - West at the end of the path to your left, just before reaching the last hunting party on the trail to the east side of the grounds.
  • Drakevein is located in the Hunting Grounds - West directly across a clearing from the entrance into the East Hunting Grounds behind a tree or two. Look for a small peninsula of land near a small inaccessible circle on your map.
  • Winterberry is found almost immediately after you enter the Hunting Grounds - East. Right next to the water where there is a viewpoint and a chest with misc. potions.

Upon finding the last ingredient, the quest will be completed.

Rewards Edit

  • 300 XP upon completion of the quest

Result Edit

  • You will use the salve in another quest, The Lost Hounds to cure a dog. The salve has no other uses.

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