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The Mask is an event Divine's Feast card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is unlocked after the Divine's Favor reaches 8.

Description Edit

The Divine waves an attendant forward. He carries a long, closed box. "When Serault was censured for the crime of apostasy," the Divine says, "her Lord entrusted her ancestral mask into my predecessor's hands for safekeeping, until such time as the crime could be redressed." She opens the box. The torchlight burns like stars on the bright gold, winking gems, and green tines of the lost Glass-Antlered Mask of Serault."

"It is my delight to return it to its home." The Divine says, placing the mask in your hands. The hall falls quiet, all eyes on you as you take the mask and...

Available actions Edit


...Don it
You'll be the first to wear it in over a century.
Result: +3 Dignity, +The Glass-Antlered Mask of Serault (+10 Rulership)


...smash it on the flagstones
Its jewels and gold inlay will feed Serault's poor for a year.
Result: +10 Freedom, +Thousand Fragments of Ruby and Glass

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