The Martyr is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is unlocked after The Freehold card has been resolved.

Description Edit

"Brought you a present," booms the Cheery Baron. Behind him, his men drag a woman in a Chantry habit. "Caught her peddling her anarchy near one of my hunting lodges. 'Elusive' she might be, but she can't outrun a good horse."

The Elusive Iconoclast is shackled hand and foot. Her skin is mottled with bruises. Her eyes are grey.

Available actions Edit


Have her kept under guard until you can decide what to do with her
Her crimes can't be denied: inciting the peasantry to acts of violence, defaming your name, heresy...
Case: the Elusive Iconoclast

Notes Edit

Completing this will remove the lucrative Ask about the Elusive Iconoclast actions from the Elegant Abbess, the Kindly Knight, and the Purveyor of Teas.