The Lowdown is an Act 2 Gangs side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The Undercuts are trying to take over the Docks at night. Killing the majority of them will reveal the location of their hideout and leader.

Walkthrough Edit

Enter the Run Down Alley and defeat the gang and its leader Kanky Hammertoe. Afterwards, return to The Hanged Man at night and speak to A Friend for a reward.

Strategy Edit

As an Assassin-type, Kanky should be the first target, hitting him with a combination of stun and knockdown attacks and heavy damage-dealing abilities. While the mace and shield-wielding Thrifters can be lured around the alleys and attacked at range, three more Assassin-types will eventually join, two Normal and one Elite, but if killed immediately they will never be present together. With this strategy in mind, the rest of the fight is a simple matter of outlasting the enemy.

Result Edit

Hawke can now walk around the Docks at night without being ambushed by thugs.

Rewards Edit

  • Random loot (from the various fights)
  • 2 DAO goldpiece trans and 500 XP (quest completion)

Notes Edit

  • A Friend only appears at night, in the back room of The Hanged Man. She will continue to give out rewards each time the player clears out a band of thugs in the subsequent side quests.
  • Like all nighttime gang quests, several waves of enemies will not appear unless you change area and come back. Also like all other such quests, the hideout location will be revealed even if 1-2 groups of gang members have not been cleared (so as not to be rendered impossible to complete if another quest NPC is currently blocking a group from spawning in a specific location).
  • This quest awards more gold and experience than other similar quests.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 Some enemies from a group may not spawn unless the player moves over a certain spot on the ground. Being thorough in exploring the immediate area of a fight may be required to get all enemies to spawn properly.
    • Most notable among these are the group of Undercut Thrifters who spawn in the Warehouse District (eastern map marker). One of the enemies will not spawn until the player approaches the southern end of the pier (down the stairs to the water) the map marker rests upon.
  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 The player may have to move around the hideout and all its small side areas repeatedly to get all of the enemies to appear.
  • ps3Icon ps3 It may not be possible to obtain this quest without accepting Isabela's quest To Catch a Thief
  • pcIcon pc It may be possible that you have to finish To Catch a Thief first and then return to the Docks at night to find the remaining 2 groups you need.

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