This should not be confused with Low Road, which is a different encounter.
Map-The Low Road

Map of the area

The Low Road is one of the random encounters in Dragon Age: Origins. The Warden and his or her party are beset by three blight wolves, a bereskarn and a drake.

Enemies Edit

Note: The drake does not appear in the PC version of the game.

Strategy Edit

  • It's highly recommended that you attempt to paralyze the bereskarn while handling the wolves, it makes the fight much easier.
  • Don't move too far from the starting area and there will be a fallen tree to the left with the drake on the other side. It makes things a lot easier to just fight the drake over/through the tree. It won't be able to attack you but you should be able to hit it with magic/ranged weapons.

Items Edit

Rgt ico deathroot DeathrootDeathroot
A harmless enough plant on its own, deathroot's thick leaves contain an extract that the Chasind have used to induce hallucinations for centuries. Sufficiently concentrated, it can be made into a deadly poison.
Rgt ico elfroot ElfrootElfroot
The common name for canavaris, this herb actually has little to do with elves other than being commonly collected and traded to outsiders by the Dalish. It is the primary ingredient in many healing salves.

Use: Chewing elfroot restores a small amount of health, and those with skill can use elfroot to make more potent elixirs.

Exits Edit

Ico World Map World map

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