The Lost Dragon Bones is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. While exploring the Blackmarsh, the Warden-Commander comes across several pieces of Dragon Bone. These five bone fragments must be collected and then placed at the skeletal remains of a long dead dragon.

Acquisition Edit

Heading left at the entrance of the Blackmarsh leads to a fenced area with a piece of dragon bone laying on the ground next to a dragon skull. Replacing the bone back in the skull begins the quest to find the remaining four fragments.

Walkthrough Edit

Location of Bones Edit

  • At the end of a path behind the circle rocks at the back of the marsh.
  • In front of the dragon's head up the left path after you enter the Marsh.
  • In the area directly east of the first Veil Tear close to the water (there is a short path down).
  • In the ruined house near Kristoff's body, next to a locked chest.
  • In back of the castle at the docks.
Note: You cannot get this bone until after you get the key to the gate leading to the docks from the Baroness.

Once all of the fragments have been reunited with the remains, the barrier that obstructs the path is destroyed. Following the path leads to the Queen of the Blackmarsh, a dragon that has come through a tear in the veil.

Queen of the Blackmarsh Edit

After finding all the dragon bones and replacing them in the skull, head up the hill towards the dragon's resting place. The spectral dragon will confront the Warden-Commander and she must be defeated to complete the quest.

Note: See Queen of the Blackmarsh (strategy) for strategies on how to defeat this dragon.

Rewards Edit

  • 2000 XP for completing the quest and additional XP from killing the dragon and the wisps

Pile of Dragonbone Rubble:

Icon eldest dragonbone Eldest DragonboneEldest Dragonbone
Plot item
The bones of this ancient dragon are almost warm with the power they contain.
which is used for making Vigilance in the quest Worked to the Bone

Drops from the dragon:

Ico armor robe SpellminderSpellminder
The origin of these robes is unclear, but the garment radiates power.

+8 magic
+1 mana regeneration in combat
+8 armor
Ico helm cloth Toque of the ObliviousToque of the Oblivious
Cloth helmet
This cowl protects a mage's ears from cold winds. It is also an extraordinarily powerful magical artifact.

+10 magic
+5 armor
+10% spell resistances
+10 mental resistances
+10 physical resistances
Ico amulet Rough-Hewn PendantRough-Hewn Pendant
This pendant is carved from the tooth of some animal. The Chasind folk wear similar adornments.

+10% critical/backstab damage
-25% fatigue
Ico ring EarthboundEarthbound
Archon Lovias forged two rings to simultaneously command the physical realm and the Fade.

When equipped with the ring Soulbound, the character gains a bonus to willpower.

+15% nature resistances
+15% nature damage
Tre ico diamond Flawless DiamondFlawless Diamond
A diamond of peerless quality.
Tre ico ruby RubyRuby
Deep red and nearly indestructible, these are prized by royalty.
Ico major injury kit Greater Injury KitGreater Injury Kit
A kit containing bandages and other healing aids.
Ico potent lyrium potion Potent Lyrium PotionPotent Lyrium Potion
A potion that contains a small amount of refined lyrium.
Ico greater lyrium potion Greater Lyrium PotionGreater Lyrium Potion
A potion that contains a small amount of refined lyrium.
Ru slow grandmaster Grandmaster Slow RuneGrandmaster Slow Rune
Weapon Rune
The ancient Tevinter symbol for sloth.

Highest chance to reduce movement speed
Ru paralyse master Master Paralyze RuneMaster Paralyze Rune
Weapon Rune
Lyrium has been formed into the shape of the Tevinter rune for stillness.

5% chance of paralysis for 7s
Ico greater spirit balm Greater Spirit BalmGreater Spirit Balm
This balm has a soothing effect on the mind.

+60% spirit resistance for 180 seconds.
Ico greater ice salve Greater Ice SalveGreater Ice Salve
A sticky, snow-white salve. No two particles of it are identical.

+60% cold resistance for 180 seconds.

A poultice
An elixir
5DAO goldpiece trans up to 20 DAO goldpiece trans

All drops except for the first five are random.

Bug icon Bug! The following items were supposed to be dropped as well:
Ico boots light Blackblade BootsBlackblade Boots
Light boots
High Dragon Hide (Tier 9)
Requires: 24 strength

Armor: 2.75
Fatigue: 0.65%
+4 dexterity
+4 willpower
+4 cunning
+8% spell resistance
Ico gloves light Blackblade GlovesBlackblade Gloves
Light gloves
High Dragon Hide (Tier 9)
Requires: 24 strength

Armor: 1.83
Fatigue: 1.30%
+8 constitution
+20% fire resistance

Exploits Edit

xbox360Icon xbox360 It's possible and quite easy (may happen by accident) to achieve double experience by killing the dragon amidst a transformation sequence. The current form will count as a kill but not interrupt the process and then the next hit following the completed transformation will result in a second kill and more experience. Some characters may even share the queen as most powerful foe slain following the fight.

Bugs Edit

pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360 A possible bug may occur when one bone is replaced in the skull, after which the hidden clue is clicked. You are transported to the dragon, fighting and killing it as normal, after which you are trapped as the barrier remains since not all bones have been replaced.