The Lord of the Wood Comes a-Calling is a limited action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from The Wayward Bard's Return, and unlocks The Abbess' Road.

Description Edit

It is twilight, and a crescent moon smiles above the château's Tilted Tower when The Horned Knight strides into your hall. He is clad in armor of forest green, with an ivy cloak that hisses along the flagstones.

He carries a deer slung over one shoulder. An arrow is buried in its flank. The gauntlet of his other hand is clamped on the shoulder of a bedraggled hunter, whose eyes are round with terror.

"I seek justice," the Horned Knight says, his voice heavy. 'Though I am Lord of the Forest, you are Lord of the Road and Field, and this man is yours. He slew my son. Grant me his life, and he will serve my in my Heartwood Court until I deem his debt has been repaid."

"A deer!" The hunter stammers. "I killed a deer!"

"Just so," the Knight says.

Available actions Edit

Templatetools This section is incomplete and requires expansion.

Grant his request
But say it removes the debt you owe him.
+20 Prosperity, -20 Twilight, +1 Secret, -10 Freedom, lose In the Horned Knight's Debt, unlocks The Abbess' Road


Deny his request
Even though you owe him a debt.
+1 Secret, +20 Twilight, +20 Peril, +10 Freedom, unlocks The Abbess' Road
Adds Unwelcome to The Applewoods deck


Have him driven out of the hall
Serault is the edge of civilisation, but it's still civilisation. You can't have wood-spirits prancing into your hall and expecting to be treated like human beings.

Note Edit

Refusing any request from the Horned Knight when you are in his debt will add the Unwelcome penalty card to The Applewoods deck for the rest of the game.