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The Latest Fad is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the action card The Herald or The Dowager Steps Forward.

Description Edit

A new dance, the tourdion, has seized Val Royeaux like the falling sickness. Some of the younger scions of Serault have succumbed, and are asking you to hold a ball.

"Maker knows I'm not one for fads or frolics, and I fail to see how hopping about in tight hose can do a thing for Serault's dignity. But youth is a gift, and a brief one. Let them enjoy it," says the Acerbic Dowager.

You had intended to hold a tourney, but apparently they're out of fashion at the imperial court. A quandary. Around your hall fresh faces hang on your answer.

Available actions Edit


Hold the tourney anyway
A pox on fashion. A good old-fashioned tourney gets the blood pumping. You might even win!
Difficulty: Derring-Do*6/5
Success: +1 Bag of Royals, -10 Health
Failure: -20 Health, +3 Peril, -2 Dignity


Hold a ball and dance the tourdion
Alright. Let's see what all the fuss is about.
Difficulty: Rulership*2
Success: +10 Dignity
Failure: +5 Dignity, -5 Prosperity


Do neither
Spare the Marquisate's coffers.
+5 Prosperity

Notes Edit

Even though Hold the tourney anyways claims Derring-Do will increase on a win or a loss, it doesn't always.

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