The Knight Requests an Audience is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Description Edit

The Kindly Knight reads as he waits, and when his turn comes the steward has to call his name three times before he notices. He shuffles forward with a creaking bow.

Available actions Edit


"I have observed strange behavior in Serault's skies."
"Last week, a flock of crows formed the shape of a dragon as they flew overhead. What do you suppose it could mean?"
+2 Twilight
Wheeling Crows


"A plague assails my lands."
"I do what I can for those who contract it, but it spreads like fire. I implore you: help me."
-2 Prosperity
Sickness at the Well


"Allow me to introduce a remarkable young gentlemen..."
"He has travelled all the way from Val Royeaux. A scholar. A brilliant one! Alas, the University considers his theorems too...unorthodox. He seeks a home. I have no doubt he will illuminate any court wise enough to patron him."
+2 Rumors of Revolution
A Travelling Scholar


"I've conducted a brief study of the graffiti that's sprung up across the Marquisate..."
"I think they're messages," he says. "Coded messages." +2 Rumors of Revolution


Ask him about the Freehold
(Requires The Freehold)
What does he think he's doing?
The Knight Requests an Audience

Bugs Edit

Completing one of the other drawn action cards may randomize which actions are offered.