The Knight's Rejection is an event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It generates only if the Marquis of Serault replaces the Kindly Knight with another Counselor.

Description Edit

As he realises he's been replaced, the Kindly Knight slumps, as if the years have finally caught up with him. "I serve - or not - at your Grace's pleasure, of course," he says. He manages a fragile bow.

Available actions Edit


"Turn your attention to other matters"
"You've no time for an old man's foolishness."
Knight is no longer Counselor, +1 Authority, -10 Freedom


"Remind him of the time he'll have for his books, now"
"They were his first love."
Difficulty: Scholarship*X
Success: Knight is no longer Counselor
Failure: Knight is no longer Counselor, -10 Freedom