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The Key to the City is a side quest to obtain the eponymous ring. In order to get this quest the Warden needs to find and read five scrolls spread out all over Orzammar.

Walkthrough Edit

Each of the scrolls is in a different part of Orzammar.

Ico Area Map Orzammar Hall of Heroes: Hall of Heroes (entrance hall), close to the door into Orzammar Commons. (Commission Report)

Ico Area Map Dust Town: A little past Alimar's Emporium on the right, next to a basket. (Assembly Directive)

Ico Area Map Orzammar Commons: On the bridge going towards the Proving Grounds. (Document)
Ico Area Map Orzammar Proving: In the room south of the main hall in the Proving Grounds. This room will not be accessible until you progress beyond a certain point in the quest lines to prove yourself to Bhelen or Harrowmont. (Writ of Censure)

Ico Area Map Orzammar Diamond Quarter: On the ramp above the entrance/exit. (Council Writ)

Finding the first scroll creates a note in the codex, in the "Quest Related" section. Once all scrolls have been read the Warden will receive the quest and a chest containing the ring will appear in the Chamber of the Assembly in the Diamond Quarter.

Rewards Edit

  • 100 XP
Plt ico key Key to the CityKey to the City
Key to the city of Orzammar: a traditional diplomatic boon granted by the Assembly, in acknowledgement of the bearer's understanding of the complex dwarven social weave.

+2 to all attributes
+4% spell resistance
+10% to healing effects received