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The Hunter Shade Dracolisk is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Unlocked when the Inquisitor kills a high dragon or completes creature research on dragonlings.

Operation text Edit

Our researcher has been examining everything known of the draconic species, and she believes that she has a way to flush out a creature that might serve as a mount. The dracolisk is a rarely seen beast: wary, skittish, but hardy and powerful. Certainly not a standard addition to a stable, but in what other way has the Inquisition proven itself to be "standard"?

Advisor suggestions Edit

Josephine - 4:48:00 Edit

Our allies will see the lure is properly placed and report well on the results.

Leliana - 6:00:00 Edit

If you wish the lures placed, it will be done.

Cullen - 6:00:00 Edit

Having our soldiers place these lures in the designated areas is simple enough.

Results Edit

All advisors Edit

The creature has been cornered and saddled. The nippings were severe, but it waits for the Inquisitor to claim it in the stables. Mind your fingers.

Rewards Edit

All advisors Edit

Notes Edit

  • If you are seen by a High dragon but run away, the operation may still activate.

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