Near the infirmary in Ostagar, there is a set of suspended cages. Inside one of them is a prisoner, with a guard standing nearby. Talking to the prisoner before heading into the Korcari Wilds triggers the side quest The Hungry Deserter.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: This quest can be started before or after completing Tainted Blood and The Grey Wardens' Cache in the Korcari Wilds

The prisoner will beg for food and water and will explain that the nearby guard has some. If Alistair has previously been found and is in the party when speaking with the prisoner, then this quest can influence his approval. Alternatively, the quest can be completed before speaking with Alistair to avoid any impact on approval.

The Warden can then:

  • Kill the prisoner without asking for any more details, generating Ico DisAppr Heart Alistair disapproves (-5) .
  • Help the prisoner without asking for any more details, generating Ico Appr Heart Alistair approves (+2) .
  • Ask why the prisoner is locked up.
  • Ask why the party should help.

The prisoner will offer the Key to Mages' Chest in return for help and explain that he stole it from a mage in the camp by getting him drunk, and was later caught wandering around the camp at night and locked up as it was assumed he was trying to desert. He swallowed the key, and it has since "come back into his possession."

To obtain the food and water from the guard, The Warden can:

  • Persuade the guard to forgo his lunch (requires 1 rank of Coercion).
  • Steal the food and water from the guard (requires Stealing).
  • Buy the food and water for 10DAO silverpiece trans.

To obtain the Key to Mages' Chest, The Warden can

  • Obtain food and water from the guard, generating Ico Appr Heart Alistair approves (+1) .
  • Kill the prisoner, generating Ico DisAppr Heart Alistair disapproves (-5)  and netting 100XP.
  • Steal the key from the prisoner.

The key opens the chest by the Magi Encampment, next to the tranquil mage. It cannot be used until returning to Ostagar after completing the Tainted Blood and The Grey Wardens' Cache quests in the Korcari Wilds. At that point, the tranquil mage will have moved: prior to this, attempting to open the chest will only prompt him to object.

If the key is not used before entering the Tower of Ishal, the quest will be marked as complete. However, the key can still be used during the Return to Ostagar DLC, when the chest will contain the Corrupted Magister's Staff in addition to the loot available during the main quest. If the key is used as part of this quest, then it will not be possible to open the Mages' Chest or obtain the Corrupted Magister's Staff during Return to Ostagar.

Note: If the Key to the Mages' Chest is not obtained as part of this quest, either because The Warden never spoke to the prisoner, or because The Warden fed the prisoner before finding out about the key, then the key can be looted from the prisoner's corpse during Return to Ostagar.

Rewards Edit

Plt ico key Key to Mages' ChestKey to Mages' Chest
An ornate key in questionable condition. Oddly enough, it's a little warm...

Loot from Mages' Chest:

Ico staff Acolyte's StaffAcolyte's Staff
Iron (Tier 1)
Requires: 16 magic

Damage: 4.00 (Physical)
Armor penetration: 20.00
+2 spellpower
Ico helm cloth Apprentice CowlApprentice Cowl
Cloth helmet
Circle towers are frequently drafty. The senior enchanters distribute these to the apprentices in the winter. Where they come by the cowls, however, is a mystery.

+5 mental resistance
Ico helm cloth Enchanter's Arming CapEnchanter's Arming Cap
Cloth helmet
Simple and effective, though certainly not standard equipment. Reserved for major Circle of Magi operations under full supervision of the Chantry, so much as they are aware.

+1 willpower
+10 mental resistance
Rgt ico flask FlaskFlask
These simple glass containers are able to hold many compounds, even unstable ones.
Ico healing salve Health PoulticeHealth Poultice
A skilled herbalist has rendered a variety of medicinal ingredients into this soothing, restorative substance.
Ico minor injury kit Lesser Injury KitLesser Injury Kit
A kit containing bandages and other healing aids.
Ico lesser spirit balm Lesser Spirit BalmLesser Spirit Balm
This balm has a soothing effect on the mind.

+30% spirit resistance for 180 seconds.
x 2
Ico Money MoneyMoney

GoldDAO goldpiece trans SilverDAO silverpiece trans BronzeDAO bronzepiece trans
Requires: Inventory
15DAO silverpiece trans

If Mages' Chest is looted during Return to Ostagar, the above plus:

Winter's Breath Corrupted Magister's StaffCorrupted Magister's Staff
Red Steel (Tier 5)
Requires: 30 magic

Damage: 5.60 (Physical)
Armor penetration: 32.00
+5 spellpower
+15% spirit damage
Possible paralysis (10%)

Bugs Edit

  • Be aware that if the key is used before the Battle of Ostagar, then there is no way to obtain the Corrupted Magister's Staff during Return to Ostagar. If you want to solve the quest and also be able to come back later, this mod can help.
  • If you obtain the key but do not use it before the Battle of Ostagar, then the quest will be marked as complete in the journal, but the text will not reflect the actual steps taken.
    • ps3Icon ps3This may fail to occur, resulting in the quest being stuck in "Current Quests" even should you return to get the chest during Return to Ostagar.
  • If you do not talk to the guard, but rather steal the food and water from him and give it to the prisoner, then when you talk to the guard he will say, "You got your food and water! Now off with you!"
  • If you are too far away from the Prisoner (e.g. standing by the guard), sometimes the prisoner cannot be interacted with, even though the cursor shows him as clickable. Be sure to get right next to the cage so that you can interact with him.
  • If you persuade the guard to give you the food and water, give them to the prisoner, and then steal from the guard, you will get another food and water but can do nothing with them.