The Howe Road is the location of a encounter in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. The encounter will be triggered if the Warden-Commander releases Nathaniel Howe during The Prisoner.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Nathaniel stops the party on the road and all but begs the Warden-Commander to recruit him into the Grey Wardens. He will even argue that maybe restoring honor to his family name is not what is important, but doing his part to help fight the darkspawn is. Ultimately, his fate remains in the Warden-Commander's hands. He can be recruited, told to leave and not come back, or the Commander can elect to kill him. The other companions' approval will change:

If he is recruited:

  • Ico DisAppr Heart Anders disapproves (-3
  • Ico DisAppr Heart Oghren disapproves (-6
  • Ico DisAppr Heart Justice disapproves (-3

If he is told to go and not come back:

  • Ico DisAppr Heart Oghren disapproves (-3

If he is killed:

  • Ico DisAppr Heart Oghren disapproves (-3

There are no changes for Velanna and Sigrun.

Should Nathaniel be put through the Joining, he will survive. Choosing to kill him will make Nathaniel hostile. If he was previously allowed to take his family relics, he will not drop the items (the ones found in the chest marked "Prisoner's Effects" in the dungeon). If Oghren is present he will comment on the similarity of how Zevran requested to join the Warden's party.