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The Hounds is an action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is part of The Applewoods deck, but only available if Bring the hounds is chosen from Go Hunting.

Description Edit

The hounds tug at their leashes, frantic to give chase. Their noses press to the ground, sniffing out the scent of your quarry.

Available actions Edit


Keep them close. Follow their lead.
They will keep you on the trail.
Difficulty: random
Success: +1 Closing In
Failure: +(4 to 5) Twilight


Give them their head
Let them off their leashes to chase down your quarry.
Difficulty: Woods-wise*
Success: +4 Closing In, 50% chance to lose The Hounds
Failure: ???, 50% chance to lose The Hounds

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