The Horned Knight's Answer is a limited pinned card in Dragon Age: The Last Court

Description Edit

Your uncomfortable herald relays The Horned Knight's response. "The Lord of the Forest regrets that his bard is engaged in creating a work of utmost importance to Serault, and cannot be released into your service. Furthermore, he reminds you that you owe him a debt. However, as a token of his regard for his fellow Marquis, he will allow the bard to make occasional visits to Serault Town as his responsibilities permit." His message delivered, the herald waits awkwardly, manifestly regretting his choice of career.

Available actions Edit


Stage a rescue
You'll have to track him in the woods, and free him while he's lightly guarded.
Result: This will send you into the woods on a hunt for the Bard.
Gain 15 Closing In to unlock You can hear the Bard!
Go Hunting


Let him keep the bard
This will settle any score between you.
Result: The Wayward Bard will return to your deck, but you will no longer be able to take him as a Lover.
+1 Secret, lose In the Horned Knight's Debt
An Invitation