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Serault is not blessed in her neighbors. They are pompous, venal, dull or mephitic. Except for one, who is all four. ―the Shame of Serault

The Herald is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Description Edit

It's rare for a herald to arrive in Serault - most business goes east to the heartlands. But, against the odds, here one is, proudly sporting his master's livery.

Available actions Edit


After speaking to him, a maiden of your court begs a moment of your time
Pink with nerves, she blurts "I know your Grace plans to hold a tournament soon, but...would it not be better to hold a dance?" Other youths of the court hover nearby, pretending - very badly - that they aren't listening.
-2 Dignity
The Latest Fad


"My master recently visited the Empress' court..." he begins
Grant him an audience and listen to his boasts.
-2 Dignity
The Boastful Neighbor


"Sad news, your Grace..." the herald exclaims.
"Your beloved relative -" and here he says an entirely unfamiliar name, "- has passed away. Please! Master your grief! Their end was peaceful. Mostly peaceful."
The Bequeathment