The Heartwood Feast is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from An Invitation and unlocks The Boon.

Description Edit

The Horned Knight has made his hall in one of the Shame's abandoned holdings; a round tower, jagged as a chipped tooth, its floors all collapsed in on one another. A great tree grows within it, spreading a canopy of burgundy leaves where the roof once was.

Inside, the grass sparkles with shards from the old heliograph mirror that once stood atop the tower. Blankets of moss have been laid over the fallen masonry that serves as the tables where the Heartwood Court holds its feast. Silent men and women serve ivy-haired dryads and stag-headed fauns. The servants move dreamily. Their eyes are grown over with moss, and flowers bloom from their skin.

Available actions Edit

Note: There are 3 hours available for the feast. Each action will consume one hour.

Drink clear water from a chipped glass goblet.
A man dressed in hunter's green fills your cup from a silver carafe.
-1 Hour Remaining, Health set to 100, +1 Derring-Do, +10 Twilight
The Heartwood Feast


Listen to the tales the dryads tell
They are steeped in the wood's secrets
-1 Hour Remaining, +(1 to 2) Woods-wise
The Heartwood Feast


Greet the Horned Knight's Lady
She is a dryad, brown and wrinkled as a walnut.
-1 Hour Remaining, +(1 to 2) Rulership
The Heartwood Feast


Give the Horned Knight a gift
A mirror chased with silver roses and twinkling thorns
-5 Bags of Royals, -1 Hour Remaining, +2 Authority, lose In the Horned Knight's Debt, lose Unwelcome
The Heartwood Feast


Accept a gift from the Horned Knight
(Locked if In the Horned Knight's Debt) A box of sandalwood with the initials of the Shame burned into the lid.
-1 Hour Remaining, +1 Secret, +Scholarship, gain In the Horned Knight's Debt
The Heartwood Feast

Once all 3 hours have been used up...


The Horned Knight has a request
Dusk is forgotten. The night is deep. Wisp-lights flit through the tree's branches.
The Boon

Notes Edit

Though Give the Horned Knight a gift only requires 3 Bags of Royals, it will deduct up to 5 if you have them.