The Guardian is a massive rock-lyrium creature. It appears to be similar to a rock wraith. Its body is composed of large chunks of rock animated by connecting veins of lyrium.

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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.
The Guardian's main purpose is to defend the titan's heart within the Wellspring. When the Inquisitor and Shaper Valta approach the heart, Valta is struck by a sudden surge of lyrium energy, while the Guardian raises barriers and attacks the Inquisitor and their companions before finally falling in battle.

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Quest icon DAI The Descent

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See The Guardian (strategy).

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DAI-Unique-Maul-icon Stone-BreakerStone-Breaker
Unique Maul
The head of this great hammer is scarred and pitted where the metal has repeatedly met stone. Some previous owner may have used it to batter down a wall... or several... and possibly a magma fountain.
Requires: Level 21

Damage: 349-363
+12% Critical Damage Bonus
+7% Stagger on Hit
+41 Strength
10% chance to use Shield Bash on a hit

Longbow of the Griffon icon Tezpadam's BaneTezpadam's Bane
Unique Bow
Lyrium traces a delicate reinforcement of this bow's curve, promising true aim and swift death. Someone has made small notches along the limbs, counting hundreds of kills.
Requires: Level 21

Damage: 187-193
+12% Armor Penetration
+41 Dexterity
+7% Sunder on Hit
On kill: target explodes for 150% weapon damage

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