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The Golem Registry is a side quest encountered in the Anvil of the Void.

Walkthrough Edit

Within the cavern that Caridin is located, there is a large statue of a stone golem holding a tablet. It lists the names of many dwarves who were turned into golems. Examine it, take a copy of the names, and return it to the Shaper Czibor who is located in the Orzammar Shaperate.

Note: Both Oghren and Shale can be asked about the registry.

Reward Edit

Czibor will thank the Warden for their help and provide them with an item from the archives. If you have not recruited Shale, you receive a Master Hale Rune or otherwise you get a crystal.

Bug icon Bug! The reward is bugged and Czibor does not provide anything. For pcIcon pcusers however, there is an unofficial workaround via a third party mod.

Notes Edit

  • If you inform Shaper Czibor that you're heading to the Deep Roads he will ask the Warden to keep an eye out for ancient treasures or manuscripts as the Shaperate is interested in them and will pay a good price to get them back. This is a reference to this quest.

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