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The Golden Prince's Raiment is a unique heavy chestpiece from the Warrior Item Pack DLC for Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Background Edit

Tales of Emile Deveraux flourish amongst the Orlesian peasants. The dashing "Golden Prince" was a populist who raised a huge army from his common subjects by promising reform for the aging empire. Although he never won his imperial coronet, Lord Emile captured the hearts and minds of generations of Orlesian dreamers while wearing this golden armor. It is said that, as a young girl, even Empress Celeste was captivated by his stories.
—From Codex entry: The Golden Prince's Raiment

See also Edit

Shield green DA2 The Lion of OrlaisThe Lion of Orlais
Metal shield
Requires: Weapon and Shield
20 strength
14 constitution

Armor: 79
Rune slot Rune slot
+18 health
+2% XP gain

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