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The Glassblowers' Anger is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Glass.

Description Edit

The glassworkers are a temperamental lot. Valued, privileged, but far too valuable to allow from their cushioned cage. They know they are the source of Serault's fortunes. Sometimes that gives them ideas.

The ovens are cold. The chimneys are still. Crossed glass swords hang over the glassworks' gates: a sign that the guild have downed tools. Their complaints, as ever, are numerous.

Available actions Edit


Make an example of someone
One of the more outspoken, but less skilled, members of the guild.
Difficulty: Cunning*2
Success: +10 Prosperity
Failure: -4 Freedom, +2 Rumors of Revolution, +6 Prosperity


Grant leniency
Hear their complaints. Bow to the least objectionable. Smile while you do it.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5
Success: +5 Prosperity, +5 Freedom
Failure: -6 Dignity, +4 Prosperity, +2 Freedom


Delay a decision
Grant the Guildmistress and the ringleaders an audience, but promise them nothing.
+5 Clues, -5 Prosperity, +5 Rumors of Revolution

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