This article is about the location. For the quest, see A Test of Faith.

The Gauntlet is found at the Mountain Top, high on the Frostback Mountains. This ancient temple is unblemished and untouched by the cultists.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest The Urn of Sacred Ashes
Ico Quest A Test of Faith

Characters Edit

Area-Mountain Top

The entrance to The Gauntlet

  • Guardian
  • 8 Spirits that each ask you a question.
  • A spirit resembling someone from the origin story of the Warden, who hands you an amulet called Reflection. It is not granted if you refused to answer the Guardian's question.

Enemies Edit

  • Spirits resembling copies of the party (including shale if you have the dlc)

If you incorrectly answer during the first test:

If you failed the last test:

Containers Edit

Notable items Edit

Ico quiver Andraste's ArrowsAndraste's Arrows
These arrows are coated in a mildly poisonous powder. On impact, the powder surrounds the target, burning their skin and eyes and causing them to lose concentration.

Interrupts spellcasting
, source: Vase
Ico belt Belt of the Magister LordsBelt of the Magister Lords
Disks of gold have been linked to form this, each bearing the symbol for a school of magic.

+3 spellpower
, source: Unfortunate Adventurer
Ico amulet ReflectionReflection
A simple amulet with a mirrored back and an archaic symbol of the Chantry on the front.
Sometimes, when gazing into the silvered backing, there are fleeting glimpses of someone else: the face is familiar, and the smile encouraging.

+1 constitution
+15% to healing effects received
Plt ico sacred ashes Pinch of Sacred AshPinch of Sacred Ash
Plot item
This ash is so fine it's almost textureless. It is, however, still warm to the touch, as if it has only recently been taken from the fire.
, source: Urn of Andraste

Notable gifts for companions:

Tre ico necklace 5 Golden Demon PendantGolden Demon Pendant
A molded pendant that looks eerily like the head of a demon hangs off this thick gold chain.
, source: Unfortunate Adventurer

Codex entries Edit

Map-The Gauntlet

Map of the Area

Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Maker's First Children, source: Book

Notes Edit

Correctly answering the riddles of the 8 spirits of the gauntlet will avoid having to fight them. See the quest page for information on the varying XP awarded.