The Fugitive's Gauntlets are unique light gloves from the Mage Item Pack DLC for Dragon Age II. They once belonged to Malcolm Hawke during his mercenary days, before he met Leandra.

Acquisition Edit

Bugs Edit

  • These gloves do not match Hawke's skin color.

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Light helmet green DA2 The Fugitive's CrownThe Fugitive's Crown
Light helmet
Requires: Level 6

Armor: 33
Rune slot
+5% fire damage
+5% cold damage
+5% electricity damage
+5% nature damage
+5% spirit damage

Light armor green DA2 The Fugitive's MantleThe Fugitive's Mantle
Light chestpiece
Silver Threaded

Armor: 90
Rune slot Rune slot
+2 magic
+24 mana/stamina

Light boots green DA2 The Long TrekThe Long Trek
Light boots
Scarlet Dyed
Requires: Level 7

Armor: 32
+9 health
+9 mana/stamina
+11 defense

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