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The Fugitive's Crown is a light helmet that once belonged to Malcolm Hawke during his mercenary days, before he met Leandra. It is available in Dragon Age II after downloading the Mage Item Pack DLC.

Acquisition Edit

Found in a chest at the Hawke Estate or in Gamlen's House

See also Edit

Light armor green DA2 The Fugitive's MantleThe Fugitive's Mantle
Light chestpiece
Silver Threaded

Armor: 90
Rune slot Rune slot
+2 magic
+24 mana/stamina
Light gloves green DA2 The Fugitive's GauntletsThe Fugitive's Gauntlets
Light gloves
Silver Threaded
Requires: Level 9

Armor: 26
Rune slot
+7 mana/stamina
+2% magic resistance
Light boots green DA2 The Long TrekThe Long Trek
Light boots
Scarlet Dyed
Requires: Level 7

Armor: 32
+9 health
+9 mana/stamina
+11 defense
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: The Fugitive's Mantle

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