The Fortune of Serault is an event Divine's Feast card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is unlocked after the Divine's Favor reaches 10.

Description Edit

The Divine leans close. "I had heard of Serault's fabled glasswork, but the tales do it no justice. It makes the glass in the Grand Cathedral look positively plain. Obviously, this cannot stand."

"I'm offering you a commission, to replace every window in the Grand Cathedral. I understand there are nearly two thousand of them, and some of them are very large. They would need to be magnificent, of course. These are dark days for the Chantry, and people need something to remind them of its beauty. Tell me," she asks, with a smile, "do you think your glassworkers are up to it?"

Available actions Edit


Set the glassworkers to work
This could cement Serault's fortune and reputation, but the guild will need careful direction.
Result: +10 Dignity, +4 Prosperity, + Ludicrously Large Commission


Free the finest glassmakers and send them with the Divine
It is time the guild's practices became less draconian, and this is the perfect opportunity.
Result: +10 Freedom, +4 Prosperity, + Ludicrously Large Commission

Trivia Edit