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Ruins Upper Level
The Elven Tombs

Ico Cave
Ruins upper level

The Ruins Upper Level is the topmost section of the Brecilian Ruins, located in the Brecilian Forest.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest Nature of the Beast
Ico Quest Correspondence Interruptus

Enemies Edit

Containers Edit

Map ruins upper level

Map of the area. The red markers indicate the location of the secret rooms

Ruins Upper Level - entrance hall

Entrance hall

Dragon lair

Notable items Edit

Dragon Hoard:

Ico Money MoneyMoney

GoldDAO goldpiece trans SilverDAO silverpiece trans BronzeDAO bronzepiece trans
Requires: Inventory
19DAO goldpiece trans 44DAO silverpiece trans 25DAO bronzepiece trans
Ico longbow Falon'Din's ReachFalon'Din's Reach
Dragonthorn (Tier 7)
Requires: 34 dexterity

Damage: 9.60
Critical chance: 1.60%
Armor penetration: 8.80
Strength modifier: 1.00
+2 damage
Rapid aim
Tre ico necklace 4 Silver MedallionSilver Medallion
This silver necklace is adorned with a large silver medallion.
Ico healing salve Health PoulticeHealth Poultice
A skilled herbalist has rendered a variety of medicinal ingredients into this soothing, restorative substance.
Ico greater healing salve Greater Health PoulticeGreater Health Poultice
A skilled herbalist has rendered a variety of medicinal ingredients into this soothing, restorative substance.
Ico greater lyrium potion Greater Lyrium PotionGreater Lyrium Potion
A potion that contains a small amount of refined lyrium.
Ico greater nature salve Greater Nature SalveGreater Nature Salve
This thick brown salve makes the user smell like dirt and herbs.

+60% nature resistance for 180 seconds.
Ruins Upper Level - secret door

A secret room with skeletons waiting inside

Tre ico emerald EmeraldEmerald
This dark green gem has murky depths, like an overgrown pond.
Tre ico fluorspar FluorsparFluorspar
This uncut stone is the color of honey.
Tre ico malachite MalachiteMalachite

This stone is patterned with odd bands and ripples of color, like the contents of a witch's cauldron.
Tre ico topaz TopazTopaz
A brilliant gem the color of sunshine.

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Correspondence Interruptus, source: Love Letter, Chest
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Falon'Din: Friend of the Dead, the Guide, source: Falon'Din's Reach, Dragon Hoard

Traps Edit

Notes Edit

  • There are three hidden doors leading to small rooms in the entrance hall which only become apparent when standing close to them: these conceal some minor loot, enemies and a Love Letter involved in the Correspondence Interruptus quest. For their exact location see the red marker in the page's map.
  • As the Dragon Hoard contains a lot of gold, wearing the Dwarven Merchant's Belt may be beneficial.

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