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The Dungeons beneath Chateau Haine serve as a convenient place for the Duke to deposit any criminals, malcontents or odd statues as he deems fit.

Background Edit

The fortress was modified during the Fourth Blight and the dungeon passages were built by the Grey Wardens to help the citizens of Orlais escape the encroaching darkspawn. A crack in the wall within The Dungeons leads through a ghast infested cave-like passage out to the Retreat.

Involvement Edit

Splr da2
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for Dragon Age II.
At the time of Hawke and Tallis's imprisonment, Duke Prosper has several other prisoners that can be released by the two.
Chateau Haine Dungeons Map

Map of the area


Quest icon DA2 Heart of the Many
Quest icon DA2 The Du Lac Sign, if Aveline is in the group
Quest icon DA2 Literary Theft, if Varric is in the group
Quest icon DA2 The Odd Ensign, if Carver is in the group
Quest icon DA2 Pirates and their Curses, if Isabela is in the group
Quest icon DA2 A Secret Formula, if Sebastian is in the group
Quest icon DA2 A Symbolon, if Bethany is in the group
Quest icon DA2 A Warrior's Legacy, if Fenris is in the group

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