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The Dowager's Decline is a limited action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the Market Day card Good Neighbors and unlocks Case: the Dowager's Decline.

Description Edit

Her breath scrapes from her throat. Her skin is stippled with tiny red dots. When she coughs, you notice dark blood on her handkerchief.

"Don't fuss!" she rasps at anyone who tries to help.

Her illness is unheard-of; despite constantly complaining about her frailty, the Dowager hasn't had anything worse than a cold in years.

Available actions Edit


"Deduce the cause yourself"
(Requires 50 Scholarship)
"With the aid of the Well-Read Pig-Farmer's library, you may be able to discover the cause."
-20 Clues, +1 Secret, unlocks Case: the Dowager's Decline and A wyvern hunt.


"Send for the Purveyor of Teas"
"His fee is steep, but he is an expert in matters of sudden, inexplicable illness..."
-3 Bags of royals, +1 Secret, unlocks Case: the Dowager's Decline and A wyvern hunt.

Bugs Edit

  • Instead of losing 3 Bags of Royals for paying the Purveyor of Teas, the game adds 3 Bags of Royals instead.

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