The Dispossessed is a limited deck card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It will appear after The Martyr is resolved and the Elusive Iconoclast is imprisoned in Chateau Serault.

Description Edit

Outside the Chateau Serault a growing mob raise candles against the night and demand the Iconoclast's release. When the nights are warm, their disposition turns from surly to hostile. Tonight, it is very warm.

Available actions Edit


Lead a sortie
A quick charge, some bumped heads. Truncheons, not blades.
Difficulty: Derring-do*6/5
Success: -10 Peril
Failure: ?


Convince them to disperse for the night
Words, not swords.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5
Success: -10 Peril
Failure: +10 Peril