The Dead Caste is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins which can be initiated in the Dead Trenches.

Walkthrough Edit

The Dead Caste map

Exact location of each piece

There is evidence that the Legion of the Dead could be connected with the noble House Ferald and, should the Warden complete the quest, it is thus probable that the Legion will be elevated to minor nobility.

  • Five items must be acquired to complete this quest -- all of which are located within the Dead Trenches area of the Deep Roads. Three of the five pieces are different components of the Legion of the Dead armor set, the other is the Helm of the Legion and the final one is the Dead Caste Insignia. Each piece's number is based on the row that it is found, provided that you start collecting the pieces from the entrance and onwards.
  1. The Boots of the Legion are in a sarcophagus in the room immediately to the left of the tunnel exit from the first bridge area where the Legionnaires are fighting the darkspawn.
  2. The Gloves of the Legion are in a sarcophagus in the room containing a fire-breathing dwarven statue trap directly opposite from the boots.
  3. The Armor of the Legion is in a sarcophagus in the room with the skeletons
  4. The Helm of the Legion is in the Legionnaire Altar within the Legionnaire Shrine. Once taken the Legion spirits will turn hostile.
  5. After all four pieces have been acquired, the codex will reveal a location found inside the tunnel leading up to the Broodmother. Obtain the Dead Caste Insignia from the coffin.
Note: Due to a glitch, sometimes the coffin isn't able to be opened. Leaving the area and coming back should fix this problem.

The Gangue Shade Edit

The Gangue Shade

The Gangue Shade

Donning the entire set of armor is required to summon the Gangue shade. When the armor set along with the helm is equipped on any party member, activate the Legion of the Dead Relic which is found in the center of the mausoleum the very room from which the helmet was obtained.

This will summon the Gangue shade, which appears to be a fairly garden-variety shade which the dwarves believe to be the corrupt part of the Stone. When defeated it may drop Chainmail. The encounter does not trigger a quest or journal entry; however, interacting with the Legion of the Dead Relic will unlock Codex entry: The Gangue Shade even if the Legion of the Dead armor is not equipped.
Note: pcIcon pcusers who wish to acquire the (Dead Metal Bucket) per the game's script, use this mod.

Rewards Edit

  • 100 XP
Ico armor massive Legion of the Dead armor setLegion of the Dead armor set

Dragonbone (Tier 7)

Armor: 28.76
Fatigue: 35.10%
+3 willpower
+4 attack
Set: +3 damage
Set: +3 constitution

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