There will always be someone watching you, day or night. And if a blade is needed, one won't be far.

The Dashing Outlaw is a bandit residing in the woods in Serault. She has a curiously productive working relationship with the Marquis of Serault.

Card DescriptionEdit

Her laugh rings through the woodlands. She's a hero to the peasantry, despite taking rather more from the rich than she gives to the poor. The Outlaw is elusive, but a message delivered into the right hands will find its way to her...

Involvement Edit

Splr dai
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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Dashing Outlaw refuses the Errant Siblings when they ask to join her gang since they robbed the poor of Serault rather than targeting the wealthy as the Outlaw does. In retaliation she hands the siblings over to The Horned Knight.

The Dashing Outlaw is framed for an attack on three Val Royeaux merchants traveling for Divine Justinia V's feast by the Marquis of Alyons.

At the feast the Outlaw asks the Divine asks to be shriven and the Divine grants her a full pardon.

She can be recruited to become either as an accomplice or bodyguard:

You meet, hooded, at a crossroads while the woods whisper under a dark wind and the moon pours silver across the leaves. There, you agree terms. Her smile hides a dogged bargainer, hardly the careless idealist of the ballads. But your patience is as long, and when dawn comes you've a gang of celebrated bandits at your service.

Happenstance cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 A Meeting with the Outlaw

Event cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 The Dashing Outlaw's Departure

Market Day cards Edit

TLC quest icon 1 Case: The Errant Siblings
TLC quest icon 1 Case: the Dashing Outlaw Strikes Again

Divine's Feast Cards Edit

Chantry Heraldry DA2 Grant a Petition

Available actions Edit


Send a messenger to ask for information
The more lawless Serault is, the more she knows...
Difficulty: Peril*6/5
Success: +8 Clues
Failure: +2 Clues


Unravel her artifice
How does she vanish into thin air? How can she be in two places at once? How can she rob, waylay and murder, and still be beloved?
-(Cunning) in Clues, +3 Cunning


Turn a blind eye to her crimes
Serault has many dangers. At least you can talk to this one.
+1 Favor, +33 Peril, -33 Prosperity, -33 Dignity


Employ her to ensure your safety
No-one knows the size of her band, and she has agents and sympathisers all across Serault.
-2 Favor, Outlaw becomes Bodyguard with +20 Cunning


Ask her to train you
(Requires Outlaw as Bodyguard)
She knows the woods well, and has an enviable talent for trickery.
-1 Favor, +1 Cunning, +1 Woods-wise, +(3 to 6) Clues


Recruit her as your accomplice
It will be useful to have agents on both sides of the law.
-2 Favor, Outlaw becomes Accomplice with +20 Cunning


Ask the Dashing Outlaw to lay low for a while
(Requires Outlaw as Accomplice)
You've become - if not friends - something that could be mistaken for them at a distance.
-1 Favor, -15 Peril, +2 Authority, +9 Prosperity, +1 Cunning, +8 Clues


Ask the Dashing Outlaw what she knows of the robbery
(Requires Case: the Dashing Outlaw Strikes Again)
She might even tell you the truth.

Notes Edit

  • Spending the Outlaw's Favor will not make back as much Prosperity and Peril as it cost, though it will gain some amount of Authority and clues, and a point in Cunning. It may be more efficient to just spend Clues to have her train you in Cunning.
  • Outside of special quests, the Dashing Outlaw is the only character you can spend a Favor for when not recruited, on the Outlaws Plague the Roads card.
  • The Dashing Outlaw is the only subject who cannot be called using the Send For quest.