The Darvaarad is a Qunari island fortress controlled by the Ben-Hassrath.

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“I suspect you have questions.” — Solas
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"Darvaarad" is the Qunari term for a magical quarantine site. They are managed by the branch of Ben-Hassrath called "Dangerous Purpose" who are lead by Viddasala.[1] One of such sites was used in the conspiracy called "Dragon's Breath". The eluvian leading to it from the Crossroads was protected with a keystone and a password: "maraas nehraa".[2]

The Qunari in the Darvaarad both investigated inner workings of the eluvians[3] and brought in, cataloged[4] and studied various artifacts, including red lyrium, astrariums, ocularum, ancient elven statues and murals.[5] They stockpiled knowledge and power, which allowed them to open so many mirrors.[6] Saarath was one of the Qunari involved in the research.[7]

The site also served as a base for elven and human spies[8] and a gaatlock factory. The Qunari contained a dragon they called ataashi in the Darvaarad's biggest chamber and used its venom to create the explosives quickly and in large quantities.[9]

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“I suspect you have questions.” — Solas
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The Inquisitor and their companions enter the Darvaarad through the eluvian in the Crossroads. As they make their way forward under heavy resistance, the Inquisitor inspects evidence of Qunari activities within the "Dragon's Breath" plan. In the Research Tower the Inquisitor finds elven artifacts, including a puzzle required for the "Lateral Thinker" achievement and a self-portrait by Fen'Harel.

Inside the gaatlock factory the Inquisitor sees the ataashi through an arch and realizes its purpose. Viddasala arrives to give orders to her forces. She then tells Iron Bull to attack the Inquisitor. If his Chargers were sacrificed, or the Inquisitor chose not to follow up on the Demands of the Qun at all, he cannot be swayed from the Qun even if romanced and fights to his death. Otherwise he readily refuses to follow the order.

As the Inquisitor reaches the last chamber, they can either kill or release the dragon, thus foiling the Qunari plan. Viddasala and her men prepare to flee via an eluvian when the Inquisitor's hand starts acting up again. Taking pity on them, she turns to provide some revelations: Solas is the agent of Fen'Harel, he gave the orb to Corypheus and pushed a dying Qunari into the Winter Palace for the Inquisition to find. Viddasala promises to kill Solas and disappears in the mirror.


  • Fortress Approach
  • Courtyard
  • Research Tower
  • Darvaarad Barracks
  • Study
  • Gaatlok Factory
  • Venom Extraction Chamber

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Quest icon DAI Trespasser

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Notable items Edit

  • Unique amulet icon Amulet of Physical ImmunityAmulet of Physical Immunity
    Unique Amulet
    The wearer of this amulet suffers no physical effects in combat.

    Immunity from physical effects
    , Looted from a chest in the storage room of the Darvaarad Barracks.
  • Unique belt icon Belt of RetaliationBelt of Retaliation
    Unique Belt
    When the wearer of this belt is attacked, some damage is reflected back onto enemies.

    Damage Returned
    , Looted from an enemy in the "Courtyard" section of The Darvaarad.
  • Unique belt icon Superb Belt of the Winter PactSuperb Belt of the Winter Pact
    Unique Belt

    Cold-based abilities are much more powerful at the cost of a large amount of health.
    , Looted from a chest in the Darvaarad Barracks.
  • Bloody Bargain Icon Bloody BargainBloody Bargain
    Unique Dual-Blade Dagger
    The Coterie of Kirkwall was run for many years by a man named Harlan. Rumor said he was an apostate, an abomination, a demon of rage poorly impersonating a man -- or that there was no Harlan at all, that it was a title passed to whichever Coterie member was the most bloodthirsty on any given day. During his time at the head of the undercity, Harlan was suspected of killing at least two hundred people. For years, the city guard hunted him to bring him to the gallows, but ultimately he was killed by one of his lieutenants, stabbed with his own knife.

    Damage: 160-163
    +17% Heal on Kill
    +5% Stagger on Hit
    Rampage: On kill, movement and attack speed increases by 10% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
  • Anvil ico Golden NugGolden Nug

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Animal Handler's Logbook
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Letters and Replies
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Logs of a Darvaarad Gatekeeper
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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Saarath
Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Written Instructions for New Workers

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Text ico Qunari Notes

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References Edit

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