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The Crater is a random encounter related to the Warden's Keep downloadable content.

Map-The Crater

Map of the area

Background Edit

While travelling, you encounter a couple named Jon and Marta. The following conversation is going on.

  • "How did a child survive that? The crater is still smoking."
  • "It's a boy--five fingers, five toes, that's all that matters to me. The Maker has answered our prayers!"
  • "Let's go home, Marta, and raise the tyke as our own."

Containers Edit

Exits Edit

Ico World Map World map

Notes Edit

  • While not limited to any particular location on the world map, there is some indication that it may be encountered more frequently when traveling to/from Honnleath.
  • Players may have this encounter even without the DLC installed.

Trivia Edit

Area-The Crater

Jon and Marta

  • This encounter refers to Martha and Jonathan Kent from the Superman comics and stories.
  • This area and forging of the sword are both references to Superman: Kal.

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