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The Conspirators is an Act 1 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is available in Lowtown during the day from Sergeant Joanna, who stands just south of The Hanged Man. She is offering a bounty for four nobles who fled Ferelden after a failed conspiracy attempt involving the Warden-Commander in Amaranthine. Hawke can turn the bounty in as they find the nobles, or all four at once.

Note: This quest is only available if you imported an Awakening save where the Warden defended Vigil's Keep and allowed Amaranthine to be destroyed, or if you used the "No Compromises" pre-built history.
Bug icon Bug! If, in Awakening, you saved before deciding whether to defend the Keep or the City, then used that save to first defend one and then restart to defend the other, then using that game as your history import will allow you to play both this mission and Secret Rendezvous.

Walkthrough Edit

Find and kill four Fereldan noble conspirators and their bodyguard lackeys. Their locations are as follows:

Result Edit

When all of the Amaranthine conspirators have been killed Sergeant Joanna returns to Vigil's Keep.

Rewards Edit

  • 50 DAO silverpiece trans and 400 XP per Noble. (2 DAO goldpiece trans, 1600 XP total)