The Cave is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the pinned action card Case: the Dashing Outlaw Strikes Again, and contributes to unlocking A Tangled Web.

Description Edit

The cave stinks of death. A dozen bodies slump against the walls. Flies crawl over their pallid skin. Their lips and fingernails are black. Poison.

Judging by their coarse wools, coarse furs and coarser hair, they were Ferelden: refugees from the Fifth Blight, no doubt, turned to banditry. Of their leader, the woman with the missing finger, there is no sign.

At the back of the cave you find most of the goods stolen from the merchants. Many of the chests have not even been opened. What will you do with them?

Available actions Edit


Requisition the goods
The merchants don't really expect them back. You can put them to good use.
+1 Viand, +1 Secret, +1 Tangled Web, +3 Bags of Royals


Return the goods to the merchants
They could be the first trickle in a river of gold flowing from Val Royeaux.
(uses an action)
+2 Dignity, +40 Prosperity, +1 Secret, +1 Authority, +1 Tangled Web