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The Boon is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from The Heartwood Feast, and may unlock the Event: The Horned Knight Approaches card in the Feast of the Divine deck.

Description Edit

"Marquis, you have graced us. We each rule half a land. But perhaps, through our friendship and understanding, Serault can be made whole again. To that end, I ask a boon."

"You have sheltered under our roof. You have enjoyed our hospitality. You have dined at our table. Will you return the honor? Will you invite me to feast with you at Château Serault?"

All eyes turn to you, awaiting your response.

Available actions Edit


It is only courteous
+1 Secret, lose In the Horned Knight's Debt, unlocks Event: The Horned Knight Approaches


Decline Firmly
(Unlocked if In the Horned Knight's Debt)
Even though you are in his debt.
Result: Twilight rises to 100, +20 Peril, remains Unwelcome, +1 Secret


Decline Politely
(Locked if In the Horned Knight's Debt)
The Horned Knight's ways are not your ways. It would be dangerous.
Result: +1 Secret

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