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The Book of Shartan is an Act 2 companion quest for Fenris in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is acquired by looting the gift item A Slave's Life from a sack in Lowtown's Kirkwall Alienage at night during Act 2.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak with Fenris at his mansion in Hightown to give him the gift. This triggers a conversation in which Hawke mentions that the book was written by Shartan, who fought alongside Andraste to free the slaves. Fenris then reveals that, as a slave, he never learned how to read. A flirt option allows Hawke to offer to teach Fenris to read. A humorous and aggressive option are also available for those not trying to woo the former slave. Whichever dialogue options are selected, Fenris will state his intention to use the gift as an opportunity to finally learn to read.

Rewards Edit

Possibility of Friendship small (+15) (if on the Friendship path) or Rivalry small (+15) (if on the Rivalry path) with Fenris.

250 XP


When examining the bookshelf in the Hawke Estate, Hawke will remark on how Fenris' reading has improved. This may occur regardless of whether or not the gift has been given.

This quest may not appear in "Completed Quests".

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