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The Boastful Neighbor is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card The Herald or The Dowager Steps Forward.

Description Edit

The Herald wears a dove mask, blushed with carnelian. You restrain a groan. His master's lands share a border with Serault. You are not enemies, exactly, but you certainly aren't friends. The Dowager's smile is impeccable, but immobile as a portrait. Is that a flicker of apology in her eyes? The herald clears his throat. 'Allow me to tell you of my master's recent visit to the imperial court, where he was welcomed as a prince and showered with the most lavish of benefactions...' his voice drones like bees in the hive.

Your rival's herald drones about their visit to the imperial court, a tedious string of boasts and gossip. And here's a gift, just to rub it in! A chest of bright silks and sweet perfumes.

The exchange of gifts is a delicate matter of etiquette. How will you reciprocate?

Available actions Edit


Give a richer gift in exchange
Let it never be said that Serault cannot pay her debts.
+10 Dignity, -10 Prosperity


Accept his gift and return only a polite letter
With the right words you might be able to keep the gift and preserve Serault's dignity.
Difficulty: Scholarship*2
Success: +10 Prosperity
Failure: -10 Dignity, +10 Prosperity


Match his gift and ply the herald with wine
He must have heard a great deal at court. Perhaps some of it will be of use...
Difficulty: Cunning*2
Success: +5 Clues
Failure: +2 Clues

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