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For the downloadable content, see The Black Emporium (DLC).

The Black Emporium


The Black Emporium is a secret shop in Kirkwall, specializing in magical and exotic items.

It appears only if you have The Black Emporium DLC.

Background Edit

Map-The Black Emporium

Map of the area

A strange and secret shop, owned by Xenon the Antiquarian, a mysterious character who is immortal, though his body was not so lucky. He once asked for never-ending life but not never-ending youth. This caused his body to decay and break down. He has been alive for over 400 years and acquired many artifacts. The entrance to his residence is only given to those who seem worthy.

Characters Edit

  • Xenon the Antiquarian, the immortal owner and merchant
  • Emporium Golem, known as Thaddeus Gigantus Crumbum the Third, a stone golem that presumably serves as a bouncer
  • Urchin Child, Xenon's mute orphan assistant

Stores Edit

Notable items Edit

The Black Emporium concept art

Concept art

Inside the "Discarded Weapons and Armor" chest:

Dagger green DA2 Song of SorrowsSong of Sorrows
Requires: Dual Weapon
20 dexterity
Level 5

Damage: 13 physical damage
(24 per second)
Rune slot Rune slot
+27 attack
Medium armor green DA2 Ancient Leather CuirassAncient Leather Cuirass
Medium chestpiece
Requires: 16 dexterity
12 cunning
Level 5

Armor: 69
Rune slot
+5% critical chance
+298 electricity resistance
Heavy helmet green DA2 Helm of AppreciationHelm of Appreciation
Heavy helmet
Requires: 16 strength
12 constitution
Level 5

Armor: 30
Rune slot
+9 defense
+3 armor
Light gloves green DA2 Gloves of the Unknowable UnknownGloves of the Unknowable Unknown
Light gloves
Requires: 16 magic
12 willpower
Level 5

Armor: 15
Rune slot
+1 health regeneration rate
+1 mana/stamina regeneration rate
Ring green DA2 Ring of Unheeded WisdomRing of Unheeded Wisdom
Requires: Level 5

+1 cunning
+5 health
+2% damage resistance

Notes Edit

  • The store is restocked with better items as you progress through the story.
  • The recipes of The Black Emporium are unique and can be bought only here.
  • The Mirror of Transformation can also be found here, which allows you to change your appearance.
  • Crafting resources missed in previous acts will show up here and count towards your available resources for crafting, and they will count for the Supplier achievement.
  • Unlike the other stores in the game, The Black Emporium is always open and can be accessed at any time you wish, including post-game.

Trivia Edit

  • The Dragon Age II Official Game Guide mentions that you can sell your items at black emporium for 125% of their value but instead you can sell your items for normal price and purchase items from the Emporium for 125% of their value.
  • Xenon makes a reference to Professor Dumbledore from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series when you first access the Emporium's Relics and Antiques. He mentions that "one can never have enough socks", as did Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
  • If you walk near the red box situated in the top right part of the map called The Box of Screaming, you can hear the screams it contains.
  • There is a nude statue of Andraste, and when you interact with it, Xenon will say "Don't fondle Andraste!".
  • Next to a strange book which apparently writes itself, called The Emergent Compendium, you find a letter with excerpts from it. The "gibberish" that is quoted is actually a simple cipher. Replace each letter with the one three letters ahead in the English alphabet, and read backwards. The comment about the wife is noteworthy. A picture of a Qunari without horns and with tightly braided hair is mentioned. This could possibly be a reference to Sten from Dragon Age: Origins.

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