The Bard wants a Quiet Word is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Description Edit

The Wayward Bard lingers at the back of the court, gossiping with your courtiers and making snide jokes about plaintiff and defendant alike. Once the day's business is done, though, he appears at your side. "A moment of your time, your Grace." He tugs conspiratorially at his moustache.

Available actions Edit


"I just wanted to say..."
"...what a remarkable group of people your courtiers are. Genuinely fascinating! Why, I spoke yesterday to a scholar who is an expert in ducks! Imagine! And the young lord Gouillard can tell you the tailor of every gown the Empress has worn for the last two years."
-2 Prosperity
Fawners and Flatterers


"Heard of a mercenary company called the Black Dogs?"
"Well, you're about to. They're heading to Serault."
+2 Peril
The Free Company


"I wondered if- LOOK OUT!"
It happens in an instant. A servant, face painted with the stag of Serault, lunges for you with a knife. There is a splash of blood. Your guards surge forward.
+2 Rumors of Revolution
An Assault on your Person


No sooner has he started speaking than a watchman bursts in
"Your Grace!" the watchman cries. "There are fires at the docks!"
+2 Peril