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The Bard's Rejection is an event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It generates only if the Marquis of Serault starts a romantic relationship with the Elegant Abbess while the Wayward Bard was already the Marquis' lover.

Description Edit

When he hears of your new lover, the Bard gasps, theatrically. "Damn you, [Scholar/Huntress]. I had thought my scoundrel's heart would never love again, until you - undeniable, impossible you! - found your way in. And now? Forsaken!" He shakes a fist at the ceiling. "Hear me, you Old Gods! Henceforth, I forswear all love and affection! Perhaps I'll join the Grey Wardens. Oo! Or I could become your nemesis. I look glorious in black."

Available actions Edit


"He winks at you and takes his leave"
"Exit, stage left, to the sound of thunder!"
Wayward Bard is no longer Lover

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