The Awiergan Scrolls: Second Aspect is an Act 3 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is acquired upon finding a scroll in Sundermount. The scroll is located behind one of the walls at the ruins near the entrance to Sundermount Passage. (see map, below).

Map Second Aspect

Scroll location

Note: The third scroll is located along the southern loop before the Dalish Camp, it can be picked up first to save time. Be aware that Hawke will encounter the Arcane Horror involved in that quest near the second scroll.

Walkthrough Edit


Hidden Lair Location

The journal will update, telling you that a new hidden lair was discovered. Go through the passage to the Mountain Graveyard. Be careful once you reach the graveyard, after passing it and reaching the hidden lair you will encounter one named undead (Bysmor) and two named revenants (Beacon and Gifre).

This can be an extremely difficult battle, especially on the harder difficulties, so it is a good idea to prepare for the battle accordingly.

Pulling strategy Edit

Before leaving the graveyard and shrine, instruct your party to wait, then send a party member with strong defenses or ranged attacks alone towards the hidden lair. Move slowly around the corner until Bysmor comes into view; once he moves towards on your party member, retreat to the rest of the team. Once Bysmor is safely around the corner and in range of the rest of your party, defeat him. This process can then be repeated for each remaining foe.

Note: If Dog is summoned for the Bysmor fight, it will also engage Beacon and Gifre, preventing combat from resetting.

Standard strategy Edit

The most important thing to remember in this strategy is to not group your ranged party members together, because Beacon and Gifre will both cast Mass Pull, dealing heavy damage. The second important factor is to try not to let weaker team members draw the aggression of the revenants, as they can get one-shot at range.

(Preferred location: Graveyard) The easiest place to deal with this encounter is in the graveyard, as it gives your party ample room to spread out around the gravestones. Use the above strategy of holding your party back at the Shrine, while a single tough party member brings the group to your team. The gravestones are also useful for moving your team behind when the revenant prepares to cast Mass Pull. This prevents them from being dragged in, but does not negate the damage.

(Suboptimal location: The narrow paths) If the battle is to be made in the narrow paths, pull everything into the southern area of the path. You may find it useful to either split the ranged members of your team between the eastern and western exits of the path, or group them behind a pillar in the graveyard, utilising stuns and slows to deal large amounts of ranged damage during the bottleneck.

Once the location of the battle is decided, a useful strategy is to initially focus on lowering Bysmor to a sliver of health, before attempting to group the three foes together. Walking Bomb can then be cast on Bysmor, dealing enormous damage to the other two foes. If a second walking bomb becomes available (potentially via Anders casting Martyr repeatedly), it may be used on one of the remaining revenants in order to kill the other.

This encounter may be easier with a tank equipped with Taunt. When a Revenant plunges its sword into the ground he's preparing for pull, it is often beneficial to move ranged characters behind an obstacle to stop them getting pulled to the Revenant. In Hard or Nightmare difficulties, the Revenants are immune to fire and electricity damage, but not to arcane and entropy. The crowd control abilities in the Entropy line are very useful, especially for handling clutch situations where weaker party members get affected by Mass Pull.

Result Edit

After killing Bysmor, Beacon and Gifre your journal will update stating you have completed the quest.

If The Awiergan Scrolls: Pride Unbound has not been started, then it starts upon completion of this quest.

Rewards Edit

  • Greatsword purple DA2 The CelebrantThe Celebrant
    Red Steel
    Requires: Two-Handed
    41 strength

    Damage: 38 spirit damage
    (62 per second)
    Rune slot
    +3 strength
    +3 willpower
    +21% threat generation
    , a greatsword dropped by Beacon.
  • 30 DAO silverpiece trans and a random generic item, dropped by Bysmor.
  • 50 DAO silverpiece trans dropped by Gifre.

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