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The Applewoods is a pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is part of The Applewoods deck.

Description Edit

The forests that cover Serault are criss-crossed with hidden and abandoned trails. The gentler, safer fringes are called the Greenwood. Go further in and you'll find the darker, tangled Deepwoods, where sunlight fears to fall. And beyond those lies the Tirashan itself. No one goes there.

Available actions Edit


Delve deeper into the woods
(Requires Region: Greenwood)
You have heard of an old trail nearby that leads into the Deepwoods...
(uses 1 action)
-5 Clues, enter the Deepwoods


Make your way towards the forest's edge
(Requires Region: Deepwoods)
You are weary of the creeping malice of the wood's heart. Find a trail that leads back to the Greenwood.
(uses 1 action)
-5 Clues, enter the Greenwood

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