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For the character, see The Anchoress.
Hn. You found me, then. Thought for sure if it was going to happen, it'd have happened years ago. Come to put an end to the Shame's last mistake, have you? ―The Anchoress

The Anchoress is a limited action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from The Sealed Chantry.

Description Edit

A steep-sided dell, shaded by yew trees. It's dim here, and quiet. The sun barely touches the bottom. A stream splashes over the near rim, down a moss-lined runnel past your feet. The far side is marked with deeper shadows: cave mouths. The rock beside each is carved with arrows, running deer, and the stark mask of Andraste's huntress-aspect.

Her face is a web of weatherworn wrinkles. Her mouth, mostly empty of teeth, chews on one of the tart apples of the woods. She brushes strings of grey hair from her eyes. You've seen those eyes before. On the paintings your grandfather took off the walls in the Whistling Gallery and stacked in the attic. On the icon of Hessarian you just passed in the Sealed Chantry. In the mirror every morning.

Available actions Edit


Return to the Chateau
It's time to leave.
→ Returns to Chateau Serault


Meet the Anchoress
An old woman in a ragged Chantry robe kneels in the mud. She's plucking leaves from the herbs that grow in a neat-rowed garden.
(Uses 1 action)

Once you meet The Anchoress...


Talk to the Anchoress
You have questions.
Conversing with the Anchoress


Make use of her healing arts.
What her herbs can't fix, her spells can. She'll want recompense for her services, though.
(Uses 1 action)
+(36 to 40) Health, -1 Bag of Royals


Decide her fate
She is the Shame's own daughter; your great aunt. Is she a risk, or a responsibility?
Decide the Anchoress' fate

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