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For the high dragon with the same name, see Abyssal High Dragon.

The Abyssal High Dragon is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Frederic has determined the hunting patterns of the Abyssal High Dragon that reigns over the skies of the Western Approach and marked appropriate spots to place dragon lures.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is acquired by talking to Frederic after completing the quests Sharper White Claws and A Manuscript of Some Authority.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Place dragon lures in the 5 locations marked on the map to summon the dragon.
  • Defeat the dragon and return to Frederic to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 1,324 XP
  • 600 Influence
  • 2 Power
  • See the Abyssal High Dragon page for a list of notable loot items.

Results Edit

  • Frederic can be recruited as an Agent for the Inquisition (Secrets). This grants an additional 100 Influence and 1 Power.

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