The Abbess' Road is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from The Lord of the Wood Comes a-Calling, and unlocks The Missing Bard.

Description Edit

The Elegant Abbess greets you with a warm smile. She smooths a wrinkle from her robe.

Her most recent project is a road through the wood, linking Serault - via her abbey - to the fertile valleys of Claose. "Claose is golden with barley," she tells you. "The road would benefit all of Serault. But since this Horned Knight made his appearance, we have made no progress. Each morning we find the foundations we laid the day before have been uprooted. Tools and materials vanish into thin air. My workers are beset by unlikely accidents.

"I implore you, Marquis: intervene."

Available actions Edit

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Grant her additional soldiers and labourers
This is a war. Let us wage it as one.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5 (uses 1 action)
Success: +20 Prosperity, +1 Secret, -20 Twilight, -3 Bags of Royals, unlocks The Missing Bard


Ask the Horned Knight's permission to build the road
(Locked while In the Horned Knight's Debt)
No doubt he will expect a favor in return.
-3 Authority, gain In the Horned Knight's debt, +20 Prosperity, +1 Secret, +1 Favor from the Elegant Abbess, unlocks The Missing Bard


Tell the Abbess she will have to find another route for her road
You are already in the Horned Knight's debt. He will never agree to the road willingly.