That Which is Not to be Spoken of is a limited pinned action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from The Dowager's Fury, and unlocks The Freehold.

Description Edit

You emerge from the solemn cool of the town’s chantry into a morning as hot and heavy as a baker’s oven. A one-armed beggar stands on a haycart in the square, preaching to the poor who had gathered to beg for alms.

"The Maker made us all alike!" he cries. "But the highborn build castles so they can stand above us! Pride is the worst of sins. It turned the Golden city Black." He points at you. "We have all suffered under Serault’s Shame - brought about by the ancestor of our own Marquis! But the Iconoclast has come! She will free us from our bonds, and we will make the world anew!"

Available actions Edit

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Perhaps he would be less inclined to lecture without a tongue

+1 Secret, -3 Authority,-2 Freedom, +2 Dignity, +20 Rumors of Revolution


Engage him in debate
He has passion, but not subtlety.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5
Success: -20 Rumors of Revolution, -3 Authority, +1 Secret