Terror on the Coast is an Act 1 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

The quest can only be obtained with a Dragon Age: Origins imported game if the Warden chose to let Sophia Dryden live during the Warden's Keep DLC.

The quest is triggered when Hawke approaches the dead messengers camp, which is found in the eastern area of the Wounded Coast. Something seems to be making the giant spiders aggressive.

Walkthrough Edit

Hawke's party will be attacked by several waves of spiders. After continuing on, Hawke encounters a strange hunter with several mabari. Later Hawke is attacked by Sophia Dryden, a mabari and 4-5 apostate mages. The quest is completed by defeating them.

Rewards Edit

  • 8 DAO goldpiece trans
Light armor silver DA2 Robe of Hidden PocketsRobe of Hidden Pockets
Light chestpiece
Scarlet Dyed
Requires: 20 magic
14 willpower

Armor: 98
+21% healing by this character
Enemies drop better equipment

Bugs Edit

  • If The Exiled Prince DLC is installed and the 'Duty' notice from the Chantry Board accepted, this creates three groups that can occupy the same space on the Wounded Coast: The cult following Sophia Dryden's possessed corpse; the Flint Company mercenaries; and the default group of giant spiders. The Flint mercenaries take precedence, then when eliminated should reset the spawn area to Sophia Dryden's group. This does not happen correctly, as the spiders occupy the area upon completing Duty, and there is no way to trigger Dryden's group making it impossible to complete this quest. The simplest method of avoiding this bug is to not install 'The Exiled Prince' DLC at all or at least until after completing this quest. If installed, the bug can be avoided by not accepting 'Duty' from the Chantry board (though it is okay to watch the cutscene outside the Chantry), unlock the Wounded Coast through another quest (such as Blackpowder Promise), and complete Terror on the Coast before taking the notice.